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Bed and Bath

Luxury in master suites starts with the bathroom. Modern bath tubs and sinks in solid surface materials are sleek and polished yet easily maintained. Choose a curved soaking tub and artificial stone sinks in a two-drawer cabinet for your fixtures. Add comfortable modern bed sheet sets of cotton percale, combed or organic cotton sheets featuring 200 to 500 thread counts. Top the bed off with dashing uniquely colored modern duvet covers that are machine washable.
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Your bed is the visual focal point of your bedroom. It must be much more than an attractive piece of furniture to be the haven of rest you desire. A supportive memory foam mattress provides the plush comfort your want in your platform bed. Innerspring mattresses provide sleep support in futon chair frames. Finally, top any of these mattresses off with our silk filled mattress topper for a hypoallergenic night's sleep and cover it with one of our bedding collections.

Home Furniture and Patio's modern bedding sets include comforters, mattress toppers, quilts, throws, covers with matching pillows and additional accent pillows. Top your bed off with a brightly colored reversible and washable duvet cover. Add accent pillows covered in cotton, felt or linen in sophisticated colors and patterns, some with embroidery. Select silk-filled cotton covered luxury comforter sets that keep you the perfect temperature year-round and are unfriendly to dust mites.

Luxury in the master suite is supported by well-outfitted modern bathrooms where you can soak away the cares of the day. Today's bathroom decorating ideas feature sleek, clean lines for modern bathroom sets and white is the go-to color for fixtures. Select one of our glossy or matte white soaking tubs with built-in overflow control. These are more durable, last longer and are more easily cleaned than others because they are constructed of aluminum and vacuum-treated polyester. Finish off the space with modern bathroom vanities composed of durable but stylish wash basins mounted on or in bathroom storage cabinets. Add bath accessories of brass or steel as they resist dampness.
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