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          1. Home Furniture and Patio

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            Design Guides

            Help & Advice

            View our range of style guides. Designed to advise and inspire you.

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            Outdoor Living

            Relax & Socialize

            Bring life outdoors with modern patio furniture to suit your style.

            On Sale!

            Modern Design at a Discount

            Modern designs at a discounted price,with something to suit everyone’s budget.

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            Home Furniture

            Designer Sofas

            Elegant, stylish, clean lines that enhance any home.

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            Modern Lighting

            Home & Patio 

            Modern lighting fixtures are designed to take care of all types of lighting needs. Unique home lighting fixtures brighten up every room in your house.

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            Accent Furniture


            Stylish accessories to enhance any living space.

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            Home Office

            In today’s fast paced and competitive world, modern office furniture needs to be one that encourages efficiency, organization and productivity

            Kitchen & Dining

            Practical & Stylish

            Contemporary kitchen tables and dining accessories that make your kitchen trendy and functional.

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            Bedroom Furniture

            Mood & Comfort

            Elegant luxury and inviting warmth are the hallmarks of contemporary bedroom furnishings.

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              Why Home Furniture & Patio

              Welcome to Home Furniture & Patio, a designer contemporary furniture and quality modern home décor store dedicated to providing you with stylish contemporary living room furniture, modern area rugs, modern accent furniture, wall art & modern window art and modern patio furniture at reasonable prices.

              Our goal is to provide you with the designer contemporary furniture products you want and professional customer service. Our employees are knowledgeable, courteous and devoted to making your online shopping experience as enjoyable and efficient as it can be. Please consider us for your designer contemporary home furniture needs.



              Wow. Epic way to communicate with customers!! Very impressed!! – C. Irving - Muncie, Indiana

              Thanks so much for your quick and positive reply. I am thrilled with your customer service and will definitely shop online with you again. – Genevieve S. (Florida)

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