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J.Ascaso founded his humble coffee business back in 1962 in Barcelona, Spain. He started as an espresso machine repairman. With the number of machines on the rise he saw a niche for espresso machine replacement parts and components. So, he created Ascaso and started to make the components and parts himself. Over time he started making his own espresso machines and spent years mastering the techniques that have created today's Ascaso Steel and Ascaso Dream espresso machines as well as Ascaso coffee grinders.

Ascaso espresso machines are handcrafted with lots of love and attention. Their quality assurance stands tall above that of other espresso machines. The 25-point inspection carried out on every machine ensures thermal stability, functionality and ergonomics and most importantly, espresso quality. Small details that are forgotten by other manufacturers are incorporated seamlessly like the cup warmers, unlimited steam production and a light to illuminate the work area. The result is reliable construction that produces a great cup of espresso. Unlike other eyesores you tuck away when the coffee is brewed, you can display these handcrafted beauties proudly.

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