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Greeningtonfurniture was founded in 2004 by its president and who spent more than twenty years manufacturing bamboo furniture before creating the company. Greenington modern bamboo furniture brings the beauty and strength of nature into your home. They utilize the best craftsmen and designers to seamlessly combine quality, function and style into an elegant piece for any décor.

Bamboo is a beautiful and durable choice in home furnishings; but most importantly it is a rapidly renewable, highly sustainable resource. The plant becomes fully mature in five years and produces thirty-five percent more oxygen than traditional hard wood trees. Even more impressive, exotic and fully mature bamboo is 100 percent stronger than red oak.

Greenington dining table can be produced in a number of finishes. The warm caramelized finishes range from warm honey, sable, mocha, and black walnut colors. A specialty of Greenington is the exotic light and dark tiger finish. It is sure to bring a level of sophistication to any living space. The Greenington platform bed is equally as versatile suiting a myriad of decors. These durable pieces will maintain their beauty for years

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    69 Item(s)
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