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Lafer Brazil

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For more than 90 years, Lafer Brazilfurniture has been made with traditional Brazilian artistry craftsmanship. The Lafer team has been controlling every aspect of the creation of their furnishing from the design to the manufacturing and even export; and have long been known for their comfortable and ergonomic designs that maintain the highest level of elegance.

For over twenty years Lafer Brazil has been the worldwide specialist in articulated furnishings like the contemporary leather recliner. These modern leather recliners are made with the best quality materials and adhere to strict quality control guidelines. The efficient and easy to use articulation systems are made to last for a lifetime. Choose from different materials including natural fibers like flax, wool, silk and leather or opt for the highest-grade synthetic fibers if you appreciate vegan-friendly materials.

The designs are modern and timeless simultaneously and fit perfectly in any modern décor. Comfort, function, and style have never blended together so effortlessly. Go bold in color or stay subdued as the great style of these furnishings will be undeniable for years to come.

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