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Lights Up lighting is passionate about lighting up your life with uncompromising quality. The company was founded in 1987 by Rachel Simon and her nephew Tom Simon. The started the company in Brooklyn, New York where it remains to this day.

Lights Up pendants and Lights Up lamps are created using bespoke customized techniques for both the shades and shade frames. The handmade creations utilize traditional equipment with new construction techniques. The result is unique and beautiful lighting for your home, office or commercial space. The wide selection of shade materials available include a 100 percent recyclable PET plastic. The wood veneers utilized in the shade construction are harvested with sustainability to further minimize the carbon footprint of the factory.

This prideful, family owned company will light your home with quality, durability and style. While carefully selecting tthe finest resources to minimize the environmental impact and maximize quality, their most valued ingredient is their highly skilled employees that handcraft every shade and shade frame and most of the components are made in the United States.

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    78 Item(s)
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